One on One mentorships are available as either a one day or a two day experience. I will cater each mentorship to your needs. We usually start off these sessions with question and answer, getting to know your equipment, planning your shoot, actually working with a model, and editing. We will talk about how to pull emotion out of your subjects and finding amazing light. 

One Day Mentorship (In Michigan) - $1500

Two Day Mentorship (Available for Travel) - $2500 

If you have one more person that would like to do a mentorship with you, please let me know and I will offer you both a discount.

Please contact me with any questions

Online Mentoring

Do you have a few questions about getting started with video or photography? Online mentoring is now available!

We can set up a Skype call and discuss anything that you like.  

One Hour Online Mentoring - $150




Janea Greene

Jackie's mentorship was the best decision I've made for my creative process. She not only teaches you the technical part of videography but she shows you how to connect to your clients in a way that enables you to create beautiful films that engage both you and your client. She is a creative genius that loves to uplift those around her and helps you view the world a little bit differently. After Jackie's mentorship I felt confident in my skills as a film maker and ready to start creating!


Mackenzie Fugett

I had been shooting video for about a year before I considered mentoring with Jackie.  I felt as if something was lacking in my final product and I couldn't quite resolve it on my own.  Jackie spent two full days with me going over her creative process from beginning to final product.  My mind was BLOWN at the way she takes an idea or concept and brings it to life on camera.  When I posted the two videos from our time together, I immediately got feedback that something about my work was different.  Several friends said the emotion that I captured was what made the difference.  I can now say I am more confident all around in shooting film and my perspective has changed from working with Jackie.  It is totally worth the investment!