Meet the Instructors



Fascinated with flowers and arranging since childhood Reuben has now created a name for himself in the global floral community, Following his passion and teaching others, his work has brought him to New York working in the luxury wedding scene and installations for New York Fashion Week. He has also traveled and lived in Australia where he worked intensively with flowers in events, weddings, photo shoots and fashion PR. He has also been serving his own clients across Canada. He has a love and a strong sense of colour and materials in his art. Whether arranging flowers, styling or taking photographs he is always focused on elevating beauty in an inspiring way. Reuben loves teaching helping you and others reach their goals.



Katie is a floral designer specializing in weddings and events. She works with couples to bring their wedding styles to life in breathtaking and unexpected ways, creating and nurturing concepts and designs, drawing inspiration from individual clients’ unique styles and personalities. The beauty of each couple’s story is at the heart of every design, assuring it is fresh and unique.

Inspired by nature and the environment surrounding each event, Katie travels across Michigan and beyond to create one-of-a-kind tablescapes that are beautifully romantic, reflecting what you might find in a garden. Whether the palette is dynamic and bold or subtle and soft, she believes that simplicity is beauty. Her floral collections and installations are known for their color tones and unique combinations of seasonal flowers.



For 20+ years Jackie has been expressing her art though the camera. Whether through still images or video she captures and elevates beauty. People, light and movement are both her muse and her ingredients of visual story telling. She is a caring wife and mother based in Michigan. She is an artist, creative, content creator, mentor and she uses all these mediums to make powerful and emotion filled work.