Collaborate and Create

It's almost the New Year and I wanted to reflect back on all the things that have happened.  This year I decided to pull back on traveling and video.  "Why?" you ask. The last few years have been amazing traveling around creating brand films for photographers. But the behind the scenes wasn't looking so good.  And not the BTS of the family.  

While I was gone almost once a month, my family wasn't doing so well. And although I absolutely love what I do, I needed to find a way to do it closer to home.  So 2017 was the year that I took on way less and started teaching more so I could be closer to my family and less distracted while I was with them. Finding that balance of happy family/successful business is NOT easy. And I am still trying to find it.

Also this year, after a 5 year break, I started photographing again!  I had been a portrait photographer for 13 years before I went into video. What I found through video though was my style. Romantic, Simple, Moody and Dramatic. I had always had a hard time after I left portraiture photographing what I could capture with film.  For some reason I couldn't get my old style out of my head. But with the right people helping me along the way, things just clicked.  

So 2018, What will you bring? My goal for this year is to marry my two passions of photography and video and offer both to clothing brands, fashion bloggers, bridal boutiques and designers. I'm working out the specifics as we speak but I have faith that something great will come of it.

Mostly, I want to continue to work with great people that will share their passions and creative energy with me.  I want to meet up with more models, photographers, filmmakers and creatives to support each other. I want to share the love that so many other people have shared with me. I encourage you to do the same. Happy 2018!


Jackie Palmer