Louiza Babouryan

Taking a chance on someone you don't know takes a lot of trust doesn't it? Will they take advantage of you? Will they steal from you? Will they do as they promised they will do?  It's not always easy to take that leap of faith.  That is one of the reasons why I cried when the dresses from Louiza arrived. 

I had an idea. I wanted an amazing dress for a video shoot and I had no idea where to get it. Personal projects don't often come with a huge budget. Let's be honest, there is no budget haha. I was looking on IG a couple weeks before our shoot date, dreaming about what would be my ideal for this film when I came across Louiza's feed. And there it was...the perfect dress. It was the color I wanted, was really flowy and sheer. I nervously sent her a DM (knowing I probably wouldn't hear back as usual) and you know what?  SHE SAID YES!  SHE SAID YES!

When the dresses arrived; I carefully opened the box, pulled them out and held them up to the light...and the tears just started flowing. The realization that someone took a chance on me overwhlemed me more than I expected. Now some of you may just think...It's just a dress.  But to me it was much more than that. It was a beginning. It was a foot in the door. It was someone seeing my work and thinking..YES!  Thank you Louiza, for taking that chance. 


Jackie Palmer