Farm House Bridal

I have wanted to shoot at on old house for so long but it's not easy finding one.  I'm not the kind of person that can go on private property to an abandoned property and shoot.  I get too nervous and can't create.  So following the rules makes you wait until the right place comes along. Sometimes that means waiting 10 years.  So when my friend Michael and his family invited me over to their new/old farm house and barn I about died. This is exactly what I have been wanting for all these years.  The light, the colors, the pealing wallpaper.  UGH I'm in heaven.

I've done two shoots in this house, and two shoots in the barn and all of them have been stunning. It's magical. It really is.

I want to thank Spring Sweet for letting me borrow the Ivy & Aster gown and Ashley for modeling and collaborting. These images would not be the same with out you girls. 


Jackie Palmer